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From Jim Kinnamon, Sandy's husband,

We are sorry to inform you that Sandy Kinnamon passed away March 4, 2016. 

Sandy was diagnosed with cancer last summer,  tried chemo therapy but in the fall found it wasn't making a difference so she stopped.

Jim said, "
When chemo was stopped Sandy got a pretty good quality of life except she tired easily.  She was able to drive her car again, something she wanted to do desperately, and continue on as President of the Fairborn Art Association.

In fact on Tuesday she setup for an art show of her paintings in a gallery,  and that night she ran the Art Association's meeting. 

Sandy passed away on Friday morning.  Her funeral was so nice as the church had standing room only and I had a horse drawn hearse to take her from the church to the cemetery about 3/4 of a mile away.  When we got back from the cemetery the church put on a fantastic meal and we celebrated Sandy's birthday as she would have been 74 on that day. 

Sandy loved teaching and we want to keep her website up as long as we are able so people can still learn from her.  It would have made her very happy to know she was still able to make a difference."


Sandy was a new signature member of American Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and the Ohio Watercolor Society.  She had been painting in watercolor for 40 years and teaching for 25 years.  She was both a fine art and decorative art teacher. 

Learning watercolor techniques have never been easier as she made it easy and fun.  Her willingness to share her knowledge was sincere, thorough and easily understood.  Please enjoy her website.

"Too Many Directors"


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